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The "Loo" When Only the Best Will Do.
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The Executive Restroom Trailer

The Loo was born on a sunny, cold day in Indiana on Wednesday January 17, 2007 at 12:30pm. It came into this world weighing 5175 lbs. and 240” in length. It was lovingly brought home the same day. Mom and Dad proudly showed her to Uncle Jim and Zach. She was examined by our local attending, Dr. Drain, and was pronounced fit to meet the public.

Sunday January 21st was her first time in public, so please be gentle and you may inquire about asking her to visit your next upscale event. Please do not be offended if she can’t visit every event. She is young so we monitor her whereabouts. If you would like “The Loo” to visit your event and meet your friends and relatives please give us a call or send us an email.

Sink of the "Loo"

The "Loo" features three fully self-contained restrooms outfitted much like your guests might find in their own home. Each station offers complete privacy; no stalls or side-by-side urinals. The durable and attractive pristine oak white interiors project an ambience of ultra cleanliness

The 430 gallon holding tank is fabricated from 3/8” polyethylene that resists acids, solvents, and cleaners. With an average capacity of 1320+ flushes, it’s perfect for small to mid-sized events.

Set-up is fast and easy. After unhitching from our tow vehicle, you can be up and ready for service in about 25 to 30 minutes. Our exclusive folddown aluminum steps provide a spacious 38” deep landing for your guests convenience and safety.

Discerning Guests Expect the Best

Does your client list read like the "Whose Who" of your community? Do they have demanding expectations regarding the quality and ambiance of their restroom facility? If so, the "Loo" is the perfect solution. Warm and inviting, each self-contained unit is equipped with upscale amenities like tiled floors, hardwood cabinets, and stereo music. Even your most discriminating guests are sure to leave with a pleasant experience and a lasting impression.

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