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We are a small company based in Sumner, Iowa. The business started out of necessity as we needed a large amount of seating for one of my children’s graduation back in 2002. In the spring of 2005 we purchased a couple of used tents to go along with our chairs for another family event.

During these events I received numerous complements on the setup I had done and even had a few people inquire as to where I was renting from. They were a bit surprised when I told them that I owned all of the equipment. Many even asked if I could help them out with their own functions. As word spread locally I continued to get more and more requests which eventually led to the beginning of our business.

After a while demand was so good that we purchased 4 new tents and several new, higher quality, tables and chairs. In the spring of 2006 we again increased our inventory of higher quality tables and chairs along with adding 4 more tents as well as a generator. We continue to get a lot of complements which we attest to our quality of equipment and service. Because of this we continue to only offer the best to our clients.

This year we’ve added 4 new “Wedding” tents that have the option of solid color wall panels or cathedral settings. We’ve also added 2 new covered entrance tents which act as a covered walkway that adds a touch of class to your venue. In addition to the tents, new for 2007, is a piece that we feel makes us unique compared to other businesses like ours. This year we will be providing our clients with the option of a luxury restroom facility that we call “The Loo” (Executive Restroom Trailer.)

As our business grows we will continue to add more equipment as well as new products. Although we don’t have to, we choose to use higher quality equipment because we want you and your guests to be as comfortable as possible. After all, when it comes to the well being of family and friends…only the best will do.

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